Discover The Best Indoor Spin Bike Reviews In 2017

Why Indoor cycling bike is so popular nowadays?

The answer is simple; this is because anyone can have a cardio exercise at the comfort of their home by using an indoor cycling bike. The reason why it has become more popular recently is because of the new innovations made in the indoor cycling bikes that make them more comfortable to use.

When it comes to special features such as the adjustability of seat and handlebars, the integration of computer technology to track the time, speed and distance of the rider as well as the details about calories burned by the user are a great help to monitor their progress.

The idea of Spin® bike is originally derived from the concept of real biking on the road. The birth of indoor cycling bike or stationary bike came up because its designer knew the need of the busy individuals who wanted to achieve a healthy balance between work and exercise.

Many individuals are having a hard time using their outdoor bikes because of the limited time they have during the day because of their stiff schedule from their day jobs. This makes the indoor bike the best machine for them to use for the limited time they have to burn their calories and maintain their health.

Cardio exercise is very important for making our body fit and for improving our body’s metabolism so that we can fight diseases and aging effects. We can therefore lessen the risk of some cardiac-related diseases if we will use the spin bike every day.

Top 3 Best Spin Bikes On The Market

Buying the best spinning bikes according to budget


The best spin bike has the quality and it will cater you nothing less than satisfaction. But how are you going to find the best quality bike out there? Look no further, in this review you will find the complete spin bike buying guide and we’ll show you the best spinning bikes in the market that is worth your money.

Spin bike manufacturers who are sensible about providing both quality and affordability of their spin bikes to their customers. They have created different spin bike categories with different price range without compromising the quality. This is where we will focus since the price is a crucial matter in buying spin bike second to quality. A particular spin bike may have all of the greatest features but not all people can afford them, therefore, having other choices are better for the consumers.

In this review, you will see the list of the different spin bikes in the market to choose from. I know that you will likely look for the price of each of these quality bikes so I sorted them at below $500 or above $500 so that you can look at where your budget would fit.

Best Indoor spin bike reviews under $500

If you are looking for a spin bike that are priced under $500 but wanted to make sure that the quality and features are still present, you can consider the list of spin bikes below. They actually top among many spin bikes that you can find online. Although they are cost-effective they can still stand out when it comes to durability and efficiency which is what you should be looking for as well.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

sunny health & fitness pro indoor cycling bike review

A great spin bike has the quality of pedaling resistance resembling outdoor cycling.

With this kind of spinning bike, you only have to adjust the resistance knob so that you can have the desired resistance you want when pedaling.

This is just some of the great features you get when you buy a great bike like Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is one of the best and affordable bikes you can purchase below $500. It is definitely effective if you wanted to have a cardio exercise every day since you do not have to go outside just to do the resistance biking.

With its sturdy construction, you can assure that it can carry you safely while you are pedaling in any position you desire while exercising with the machine. This bike has a safety pedal design that will enable you to secure your feet while pedaling.

Because of this safety design, you can stand up with the pedal securely eliminating the chance of getting slipped. It also offers a comfortable seat for you because it has a soft-padded material that will give you extra comfort while doing your workout.

This bike also has a seat adjuster; you can actually adjust the seat height of the bike according to your height. It can carry a weight of up to 272 pounds and it has an adjustable handlebar and resistance system that the rider can calibrate to his comfort.

This bike has a 40-pound flywheel which is heavily built to help in the resistance of pedaling. It has a sturdy crank and chain drive system that makes it reliable in carrying the weight of the rider up to its maximum capacity.



Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike
List Price: $299.00
Price: $257.29
You Save: $41.71
Price Disclaimer

Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike review

This bike offers great features aside from being cost effective. Instead of using a chain system, which is usually used in other spin bikes, Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike uses a belt drive system that makes it quiet while in use.

Because of its quiet drive chain, you can watch the movie in your television or hear your favorite music while working out without being disturbed by other noises.

It is also built with 49 pounds flywheel which supports the resistance for the drive system. The resistance of a spin bike is not only attainable through adjusting the resistance knob, the weight of the flywheel also matters. This spin bike uses its flywheel’s heaviness to supplement the resistance in its drive chain even if it is on the neutral position.

This is also built with adjustable resistance, up/down and fore/aft seat adjustments so that you can use it comfortably according to your size and height.

Furthermore, this great bike has an adjustable handlebars and brake system that you can rely anytime. When it comes to transportability, this bike is also easy to move because it has transportation wheels that make it easy to be pushed and moved from one place to another.


Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1110 Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike

This Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1110 Indoor Cycling Bike comes with chain drive system. It has resistance knob adjuster where you can set the resistance level the way you want it.

It uses a heavily built flywheel which complements in the resistance of pedaling aside from adjusting the resistance knob. You can therefore cleanse some of your fats by burning it with this bike during workouts.

With more calories burned you can attain the shape you wanted and you can make your body healthier.

This indoor bike model is well known for its durability. It can be used continuously under varying stress due to work without having the danger of wear and tear. This model is also one of the most favorite equipment for gym workout because of its sturdy construction and heavy flywheel.

Its being cost effective can still make you enjoy the comfort of working out while still being able to fully adjust your seat when in use. The adjustable seat can easily be moved according to your body’s comfort. It has handlebars that can be adjusted accordingly with your desired position.

It can be adjusted up, down, forward, and back. When you are at the momentum of your work- out this great bike can support your body’s weight and its pedal system can sufficiently secure your feet by using the clip cage and strap provided for your feet.


Sunny SF-B1110 Indoor Cycling Bike
List Price: $325.99
Price: $279.99
You Save: $46.00
Price Disclaimer

Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike

schwinn ic2 review

The Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling bike has outstanding features that can be considered as a bonus for its price.

It can live up to your expectation of having the best indoor bike that can provide you with a well-fit body at the comfort of your home.

It is heavily built with a solid steel frame that will totally support you when you are using it during your workout. The handlebars and seat construction are built firmly and assembled securely that you don’t have to worry of whether it will wobble or get out of place during operation.

Another great thing with this bike is that you can place it at any floor surface whether even or rugged because it self-adjusts using the leveling feet at the back to adapt to any kind of floor surface. This way you will not experience any rocking while using it.
Most indoor bikes have their own manual when you purchase them, and so is this indoor bike. Its manual will tell you to make maintenance check-up on the bike regularly so that you can make sure that the bike is always in its good condition.

It is very important that you follow what the manual instructs you to do because even though the bike offers a longer life span due to its quality, the owner’s part of maintaining the bike in a good condition will also help on prolonging the equipment life.

This bike can be comfortably used by riders standing from 4’9” to 6’5”. Anyone who is standing below 4’9” will likely have a hard time in pedaling this bike because he will have to stretch his legs during the bottom stroke just to complete the pedal cycle.


Schwinn IC2 Bike
List Price: $599.00
Price: $300.49
You Save: $298.51
Price Disclaimer

Best Indoor spin bike reviews over $500

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle Stationary Indoor Trainer Exercise Bike


This great bike tops our list because it has a lot of positive feedbacks from the many satisfied users who have bought it. Keiser M3 plus has a classy and professional design that is worth every cent of the money you spend for it. Both beginners and professional cyclist will likely be attracted to this bike.

At first impression, you will immediately notice how it is beautifully designed like those racing bikes. It comes with aluminum color that looks very sturdy and heavy duty which is what it really is since it can carry a weight up to 300 pounds.

Keiser M3 plus doesn’t need any mechanical maintenance although it matters that you handle it properly according to the instruction and specifications of the manufacturer. It has an adjustable seat and handlebars which you can easily set up. The computer console placed at the front of this bike records the speed, time and distance you have made and your burned calories during the workout.

Moreover, this spin bike uses magnetic resistance system and uses 24 gears to provide you less mechanical noise while pedaling. This great bike is a product of cutting edge technology which makes it expensive but worthy of your money.


Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle
List Price: $1,795.00
Price: $1,795.00
Price Disclaimer

Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus-Indoor Cycle Bike

schwinn ac performance plus review

One of the best spinning bikes above $500 is Schwinn AC Performance Plus. This will make you experience the quality indoor bike spinning resembling the gym work out at the comfort of your home.

This bike can last for many decades without doing much maintenance on your part. Some claims from satisfied customers mentioned that they have witnessed how durable this bike can be.

This bike is using the contact resistance feature; this means that it makes the resistance by using magnets and aluminum disk. It is built with a rust-free aluminum frame, sturdy chain and drive train system.

It also has adjustable handlebars so that you can comfortably use the bike during resistance workout without getting back strain. It is made with dual-density saddle, and pedals that are double linked.

This bike will definitely be worth your money because it has a robust design that you can settle yourself worry-free when it comes to safety. It can be easily assembled without even looking at the instruction manuals because the components can be easily predicted on how to be connected from one another.

Once you kick the pedal, you will definitely feel the workout on your butt while being supported by the comfortable padded seat.


BodyCraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike

bodycraft spx review

The body craft SPX bike is one of the most comfortable bikes you can use indoor nowadays because it has a very comfortable seat which can be adjusted accordingly.

You can exactly fit in with this bike because its manufacturer has made it with micro seat adjustment system which allows you to adjust the seat and find the precise position you will be comfortable with while working out.

This bike is using the belt drive system which makes it very enjoyable to use according to almost 100% of indoor spin bike reviews. You will only hear a whisper like noise during operation which makes you indulge yourself with music while spinning this bike because you can clearly hear the music which will make you relax while having your workout.

When it comes to stability you can count on the sturdiness of this bike, this is very solid and will not shake no matter how fast you spin it during the workout. The weight limit for this bike is 300 lbs and can be used comfortably by any man standing at 5 to 6 feet.

The handle bar of this bike is nicely padded with beautiful design. It is friendly to your hand so that you can gently hold on to it and enjoy the feeling of holding it. The crank of this bike is made of solid steel which adds to the bike’s sturdy construction. All other parts of this bike are made with fine and quality materials. In fact, it is using a belt drive that is made from France.


Spinner® NXT Manufactured by Star Trac - Commercial Spin Bike with Four Spinning DVDs

spinner nxt reviewThe spinner® NXT is one of the most popular indoor great bikes according to some clients who have used it as a standard for a great bike.

It features a wide range of approximate adjustability for both seat and handlebars. It has a noticeable elegant design which resembles racing cycle on the track.

It is very durable because it is made with heavily built crankcase and steel frame. When you buy this bike you will be given 4 free spinning® DVDs that will guide you on how to reach your goals when it comes to fitness at home.

This bike is manufactured by Star Trac, a company that aims in providing riders bikes that are focused with features that will make the bike perform in its best while using quality materials. Spinner® NXT is great for riders with a different built.

It has an efficient drive chain that will endure even on heavy workout and prolonged exercise. Its steel frame is made with Zinc dip coating to fight rust.

You also don’t have to worry where to put you water bottle because this bike is equipped with dual bottle holder integrated into the handlebars so that you can comfortably place your water bottle near your hands.

This bike will provide you the feeling of authentic outdoor biking because it has a proven efficient chain drive system that simulates the outdoor resistance biking. It accommodates riders that are standing from 4’10” to 6’10”.


Price Disclaimer

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike


The SB700 Stationary Exercise Bike from Sole Fitness can meet the expectations of both indoor and outdoor cycle enthusiast when it comes to resistance workout. It features adjustable resistance system that can specifically find the resistance level you want so that it can give you the satisfying workout you are looking for.

It can simulate outdoor biking with less on the road accidents because you can sweat at the comfort of your home as if you have gone many miles outside with your bike. It also provides your feet a pedal with toe straps so that you can securely do your spinning at any pace.

It can seat you comfortably because it has a soft padded seat that you can adjust before you use it. It has a flywheel that is chrome plated and weighing 48 pounds, heavy enough to help on adding the resistance on pedaling.

It is made with backlit, computer console where you can track your time spent, the distance you went and the speed you have made. It also displays the calories you have lost during the exercise. It is also made to be compatible with chest straps that will read your heart rate while it also has a water bottle holder where you can place you bottle beverage.

What’s great with this bike is its warranty because it is comprehensive for the frame, one year for the labor and three years warranty for the electronic parts and other parts of the bike.


Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike
List Price: $987.76
Price: $987.76
Price Disclaimer

Kettler Giro GT Programmable Cycling Trainer

kettler giro gt review

Kettler Giro GT Programmable Cycling Trainer is a self-generating spin bike, meaning it utilizes the bikes spinning energy to self-energize like a generator which in turn powers the computer console and the resistance system during operation.

This spin bike has a computer console where you can see your improvements when it comes to burning your calories. It can provide you information about your burned calories so that you can stop when you have already reached your desired goals for the day.

The monitor also displays information about your speed, distance and the elapsed time you have spent with the bike. It is wonderfully built with magnetic resistance system which has 32 levels that you can choose from. It produces less sound during the operation because it uses a “V” belt drive mechanism which makes the drive smoother and more efficient to pedal. You do not have to worry about your safety with this bike because it is made with durable and quality steel which makes it sturdy and heavy.

You can also modify your cycling difficulty with this bike by choosing among the 12 preset programs provided on the bike so that you can reach the level of resistance you wanted.


Spinning® Bike or Indoor Cycling Bike? (Important)

Because it has been used widely, the term spinning bike for most people means, it is a bike with a heavy wheel in which allows the rider to pedal in standing position. Hence the correct term that should be used to this stationary bike is – Keiser M3, Sole SB700 or Sunny Health and Fitness Pro which are actually an indoor cycling bike. Spinning® is exclusively used by Mad Dogg Athletics.

To sum it up, the correct term that should be used for indoor exercising that focuses in endurance and high intensity is indoor cycling. And Spinning which is created by Mad dogg should only be used or reserved only for Mad Dogg Athlete®.

On a similar note, although commonly known as “spinning”, the correct term for exercising on an indoor cycle with focus on endurance and high intensity/strength intervals is actually indoor cycling, and the term Spinning®, which was created and copyrighted by Mad Dogg Athletics, is reserved for their specific workout program as well as their Spinning® bikes.

Things To Consider Before Buying Exercise Spin Cycling Bike

The popularity of spin biking in the fitness world is uncontrollable. This has been considered to become one of the most effective ways to get in shape and develop a healthy lifestyle. Several indoor spin bike reviews revealed distinct pros and cons of different spin bikes on the market.

These reviews are important references on what type of spin bike provides value to your fiscal investments. You need to make sure that when you purchase a spin bike it matches and suits your specific needs. So, what are the things that should be considered before buying an indoor bicycle?

Here are some of the important criteria to be considered

Check the weight of the flywheel

The flywheel primarily gives the realistic outdoor bicycle experience when spin biking. Flywheel usually ranges from 18kg up to 40 kg in weight relative to the model and brand of the indoor bicycle. The heavier the flywheel, the smoother the motion it gives to the bike and the user.

Chain or belt drive system

Indoor bicycles can utilize either the chain drive system or belt drive system. Chains are more likely to create unnecessary clinking sounds when pedaling. On the other hand, belt drive technology is adjustable and more restrained to noise. It is also durable and does not demand costly maintenance.

Adjustable handlebars and seat

It is more convenient if the spin bike comes with handlebar and seat that are capable of fore/aft and up/down adjustments. This allows you to get the appropriate height and comfort for a perfect spin biking performance.

Bike console

Bike consoles or computers are one of the most important equipment on indoor cycles. This is very helpful when you want to keep track of your cycling progress. It reflects your heart rate, revolutions made per minute, the level of calories burned, distance and time consumed.

Still, several factors that contribute to the excellent performance of an indoor bicycle are thoroughly discussed in another indoor cycle review. [Check Detailed Spin Bike Buying Guide]

Take A Look To Our Top 10 Spin Bike Comparison Chart

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Benefits of Indoor Cycling



Indoor Cycling has leveled-up workout experiences of fitness enthusiasts and athletes. The powerful features of indoor bicycles provide effective, realistic biking experience and realistic biking benefits.

Here are some of the most significant benefits of indoor cycling to the body.

Burn your body calories
Spin biking helps in extinguishing those body calories by burning them with challenging routines. This aids the body in preventing the build-up of body fats and weight gains. The higher the resistance level of the bike, the higher the level of calories will be burned inside.
Trains controlled breathing and promote heart endurance
Cycling up and down with different cycling terrains makes the heart beat faster. Constant cycling performance helps you manage controlled breathing while increasing cardiovascular endurance.
Toned body and abdominal muscles
As the lower body moves with the bike’s pedal system, central abdominal muscles will develop. There is a high chance of getting that stunning abs and toned boy if spinning consistency is maintained over time.
Strengthened leg muscles
It also helps your leg muscles to be strengthened. When the legs aggressively respond to the challenge of the bike’s resistance level, all of the leg muscles are required to exert a significant level of force. This paves the way for leg strengthening and increasing leg muscle endurance.
Improves overall health condition
Because the body engages in an activity that exerts muscle in various ways, blood smoothly flows throughout the body system. Because of this, it lowers the risk of acquiring cardiovascular problems. Moreover, since heart condition is improved, illnesses such as stroke and high blood pressure are less likely to occur.

With these benefits, indoor cycling does not just provide physical development and well-being, but also includes the overall healthy state of the body.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What about the cheaper brands, like the below $500 spin bike, can they perform well like the expensive brands?

Yes, they do; even cheaper spin bikes are also of best qualities. They are just cheaper because they don’t have other special features like the expensive spin bike. Another reason would be because the company brand is giving promos and sales. Usually, the products that are on sale are those older models; however, they are still in good condition.

Ques: What if, after I got the product, it malfunctions at home?

The company always gives a warranty to every customer. You just have to keep your receipt of purchase and contact the supplier. They are willing to repair or replace the product.

Ques: For a first time user like me, who doesn’t have any idea of the maintenance of the spin bike, does the supplier cover it?

Maintenance of your spin bike is not a concern of your supplier. However, the time you purchase the spin bike, a manual is included. It will be your guide from setting the spin bike properly to make sure that you can also have it maintained.


The spin bikes listed above are the best bikes ideally for home use among its other competitors while the manufacturers have been trusted ever since when it comes to producing these types of equipment. It is important however that you look for a bike that not only fits your budget but can also give you an efficient and quality workout which you can use for many years to come without it getting easily broken.

The Quality of the materials used for spinning bikes is important to make sure that you are not getting a bike that will eventually break down after using for a short period of time and frustrate you. All of the above-mentioned bikes were carefully picked among the reputable spin bikes with a guarantee that all of them have the qualities that you should be looking for when buying a spin bike.

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